Zaragoza Tram Service

Zaragoza Card 

5 trips (24 h. card), 7 trips (48 h. card) including 1 hour transfer (also valid on bus).


  • 902 20 50 10

Saragossa is making inroads towards the new culture of mobility with the launch of its new cutting edge tram service, Urbos 3, the first stage of which runs between Valdespartera and Gran Via, and which will later run as far as Parque Goya. The tram is an environmentally friendly, safe, efficient and modern way to travel. It’s also spacious and comfortable, and given that it takes priority at traffic lights, it is fast. The tram’s ground level entry makes it completely accessible, and it complements other forms of transport such as bus and bicycle. The tram is a fundamental piece of transport infrastructure, making travel more convenient as well as helping to breathe new life, and beauty, into the city.


  • Access for disabled people

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