The card is personal and non-transferable. Always carry your Zaragoza Card and its guide with you: it will be required at museums, palaces, monuments and other associated venues. The card activates the first time the card is swiped through the electronic validation terminal found at all participating establishments of the Zaragoza Card project.

  • The 24 hours card is valid for 24 hours from the moment it is activated. 
  • The 48 hours card is valid for 48 hours from the moment it is activated. 

Cardholders can visit the permanent collection at museums, monuments and other attractions a single time; municipal museums are closed on mondays. Cardholders are advised to check opening times. Temporary exhibitions are not always included as part of the included admission. To benefit from discounts in shops and other establishments, the cardholder should bear in mind that:

a) Aplicable discounts are valid for the duration of the cardholder’s stay in Zaragoza.

b) Aplicable discounts are not dependent on payment method (cash or credit card) but can not be used in conjunction with other offers. If any sales or special offers are available, participating establishments are not obliged to apply any additional discounts.

c) In order to enjoy the benefits of the card, you should request the special discounts that the card offers when ordering and present the card at the time of purchase. It is advisable to book in advance at restaurants or nightspots, especially at weekends or on the eve of public holidays.

d) In hotels, a card for each of the guests is required, being the discounts applied for the duration of the card.

e) Zitycard cannot be held responsible should participating establishments fail to provide the advertised offers.

f) Zaragoza Turismo cannot be held responsible should monuments or museums fail to inform of any changes on opening - closure times.

To solve any queries or ask for additional information please visit or call: Zeumat Zitycard S.L. Tel.: 902 945 386 /